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Crime v2

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Clouds of Infinity

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How to install themes:
Click on Code wait for ad and then select the code (Ctrl + A) or (Command + A) and then copy the entire code (Ctrl + C) or (Command + C). Once you have copied the entire code go to your blog and click on Customize from there click on Edit HTML. Now select everything again ((Ctrl + A) or (Command + A) and once everything is highlighted press {Ctrl + V) or (Command + V), hit update preview and save!

Ruipin Themes

If anyone was having any issues with the photosets on crime theme v2 they have been updated and fixed to center them selves but they are still the same size, if you don’t post photo sets ever you do not need to update and are okay!

Crime Theme v2 One Column

A very clean theme, I really enjoy the original crime theme but this one makes it simpler but cleaner in a way. I original did this change for myself but I didn’t think it fair to hold it for myself.

PREVIEW —————————————————- CODE



PREVIEW————————————— CODE




PREVIEW ————————————— CODE

The Interlaced theme has been Updated all obvious tweaks I found have been fixed and I also added a couple new features making it smoother and easier to use. The code has been updated on pastebin. The preview has also been changed! 

Interlaced Theme V1


Very simp but clean theme. Please like post if you use.

Preview - Code (5 Second Ad)

UPDATE: A lot of tweaks have been fixed if you find another please let me know! I will fix as soon as I can an update the code. A couple new features have been added too!

Clouds Of Infinity


PreviewCode (Its a 5 Second AD then shows Code)